About PPAN



The Palestinian Performing Arts Network (PPAN), is the outcome of several years of intensive collaboration between some of Palestine’s most experienced art managers, artists and the organizations they represent; from the fields of dance, music, circus and theatre.  The founding member institutions have recongnized that through their strong collective voice, they are able to influence official policies, advocate support to arts and culture, enhance self-expression and strengthen Palestinian cultural identity. Our network was officially registered with the Palestinian Ministry of Interior on February 12, 2015.









PPAN in its mission, objectives and interventions will be steered by its vision for the Palestinian society.


“A free just Palestinian society that cultivates knowledge and culture, respects diversity, equality and free expression






PPAN intends to contribute towards its vision expressed above, and to deliver on the following mission:


"We, the Palestinian Performing Arts Network, aim to increase appreciation of performing arts and its role in creating societal change. We will do so by, strengthening the capacities of the members, by joint cooperation, influencing policies and society through lobbying and advocacy, publications and research, in order to increase accessibility and engagement in performing arts"












Art, with its different expressions is a value, a human practice, and a right for every Palestinian. It is an important tool for provoking creativity, contemplation and imagination; it is tied to all walks of social life (education, health and environment).  Arts has its particularity within the Palestinian general context as a pivotal component of the Palestinian cultural identity. With its human and national dimensions, art in the Palestinian context is contributing to the enhancement of the Palestinian cause and works towards protecting, developing and disseminating it. It is an essential part of Palestinian resilience in the context of protracted conflict and occupation by Israel




Freedom of Expression and Thought


PPAN recognizes that performing arts (and all creative artistic practices) strengthen freedom of thought, expression and variation within the Palestinian community.  For the enhancement of our community,  PPAN adopts these principles in its internal practices and the programs of its members. 



Cooperation, Participation and Commitment


PPAN promotes the building of relationships among its members by fostering a spirit of solidarity, cooperation and participation. By being a representative and a unifying voice of the Palestinian cultural sector, PPAN effectively impacts public policy and society



Transparency and Professionalism


PPAN is committed to principles of transparency and professionalism and is strongly convinced that effectiveness, efficiency and resourcefulness are the base for achieving the vision, mission and objectives of the Network.