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Who We Are

The Palestinian Performing Arts Network is the culmination of years of intense collaboration among fifteen Palestinian art institutions that perform in dance, music, circus and theatre.

The Palestinian Performing Arts Network was established in 2015 as an umbrella framework for artistic institutions that play a collective role in promoting Palestinian cultural identity and the value of freedom of expression as a human need.  These institutions have created accessibility to performing arts and continue to promote their work in all regions, especially those that are subject to political, social and economic marginalization.  

The network was born out of the combined experience and reality of these performing arts institutions in the field.  There was a need to create an effective body that united these institutions; not only in coordination and follow-up, but in joint and collaborative areas of creativity.

The Palestinian Performing Arts Network believes that achieving its objectives and attaining its vision must be through effective tools, resources and capacities. The most important of these are human resources, which are the main assets of the network's members.  Dancers, actors, musicians, playwriters, singers and circus performers constitute the essence and the core of the network.