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The Palestinian Performing Arts Network is the culmination of years of intense collaboration among Palestinian art institutions that perform in dance, music, circus and theatre.The network was registered in the Palestinian Ministry of Interior under the number ORA-22868-CU on 12/2/2015 to achieve five basic objectives:

1) To contribute to capacity building of individuals and organizations in the field of performing arts.

2) To cooperate with and coordinate among the members of the Performing Arts Network and seek to protect their interests.

3) To impact cultural and art policies on the national level.

4) To encourage performing arts programs and activities and to raise awareness about the importance and the role of art in the community through joint programs aimed at building awareness and communications channels.

5) To promote networking and communication with local artists and regional and international networks.

Vision: “A free and just Palestinian society that promotes knowledge and culture, respects pluralism, equality and freedom of expression.”

Mission: A leading Palestinian performing arts network which strives to promote performing arts to influence cultural policies within the national and economic context, empower its members, protect the rights of the sector, increase society's appreciation of performing arts, develop partnerships and coordinate efforts with relevant parties.

The network continuously seeks to attract non-governmental institutions working in theperforming arts field; if they meet the following necessary membershipconditions:

  1. The institution must have a certificate of registration from the Ministry of Interior under Law No. (1) for the year 2000 on charities and NGOs. It also has to be registered with the Palestinian Ministry of Culture under the same law.
  2. The institution must have been established for a minimum of 3 years and its work is only in Performing Arts (Theater, dance, music, circus).
  3. Its various activities shall be consistent with the purposes and objectives set in its bylaws.
  4. The basis and essence of the institution’s work shall be pure performing arts, and it shall be working continuously for three years or more.
  5. The institution's values system should be consistent with the network’s values; its mission, vision and any policies it adopts.