Members Portal



Part One:

Information about the applicants
Name of artist/ group/ institution…etc.
Performing arts field (Music, theatre, dance, circus)
Registration number and date (If applicable)
Artistic vision (Of the applicant)
Address (City, phone/ cell phone number, fax, e-mail, website…etc)
Brief summary about the artist, artistic group, organization (100 words maximum)

Part Two:

Details about the artistic work/ the suggested initiative
Initiative's suggested title/ what is the initiative about?
Summary about the suggested artistic work (100 words maximum)
Contact person (Name, relationship with the project, phone/ cell phone number, e-mail)
Total budget of the suggested initiative
The required contribution from the network to implement the initiative
Goal of this artistic work
Direct target groups
What are the proposed activities to be implemented?
Are there any other partners/ funders for the proposed artistic work?


Note: The application will not be considered unless it contains all the requested information, including the annexes.