Al-Harah Theatre

Al-Harah Theater, established in 2005, is a non-profit organization based in Beit Jala, Bethlehem. Al-Harah Theatre strives to produce highly artistic, yet accessible theatre productions and present them to audiences throughout Palestine, the Arab world and abroad.


Believing that theater can change the lives of those who make it and those who watch it, Al-Harah Theater holds drama trainings for groups of special education teachers, rehabilitation workers and social workers to use drama with clients with different physical and mental disabilities and encourage the incorporation of theatre education into Palestinian curricula. It also organizes theater trainings for children and young people, playwriting and script writing workshops, and produces performances with which it tours to reach audiences in different villages and refugee camps.


The theatre activities target all age groups and social backgrounds, and among the beneficiaries are about 16,000 males and 20,000 females. Al-Harah Theatre currently has 9 full time employees and 5 freelancers.


Al-Harah is opening in 2014 the first Performing Arts Training Center in Palestine for six technical fields in Light, Sound, Costume, Scenography design and making, stage management and managing artistic projects.


Contact infomation: 

Tel: +972 2 276 7758