Al Kamandjati Association

AK Al Kamandjâti Association “The Violinist” is a non-profit organization founded in 2002 to introduce, instill and promote broad-based musical education and appreciation as an integral part of Palestinian life. It sets up music schools in cities, villages, and refugee camps where it offers Palestinian children the chance to learn music, to experience their own cultural heritage as well as other musical cultures, and to explore their creative potential. In addition to AK’s efforts to introduce music appreciation in UNRWA schools, it also produces numerous concerts and several music festivals throughout the year, for the benefit of the students and the general community, and as part of its mission to bring Music to all.



Why Music Education?


AK belives that music education should be accessible to all. Music is a universal language, a means of expression, a creative and safe outlet particularly to children. Music is a vehicle for developing musical and other general skills, a space for cross-cultural dialogues to occur, and a mean for providing unique opportunities for Palestinian children. AK offers music instruction in Western classical music, Arabic music, jazz and other contemporary genres.


AK has established music schools in numerous locations in Palestine and Lebanon that service a wide range of children in their own communities, providing music teaching in strings, woodwinds, brass, piano, guitar, oriental and occidental percussion, oud, bozuq, qanoun, nay, voice, music appreciation, ensemble playing and music theory. Instruments are provided for each child through a special lending process, allowing the children to pursue their musical dreams and receive their right to education. Our teaching team hails from all around the world. Each tutor brings his or her unique background to the group, at the same time that they integrate their methodologies with local practices and modes of learning. Ensemble work and performance opportunities are central to Al Kamandjâti pedagogical philosophy.


Contact information:

Tel: +972 2 297 3101