The Edward Said National Conservatory of Music


The ESNCM, previously known as the “National Conservatory of Music”, is a distinguished institute for music education in Palestine that was established in 1993 under the umbrella of the board of trustees of Birzeit University. Guided by their mission to teach and present music to all Palestinians wherever they are and contribute to the strengthening of the cultural and national identity of Palestine.


The ESNCM offers a wide range of activities that aim to provide the Palestinian society with qualified musical human assets, and increase the interest in and the appreciation of music. These activities, which are made possible by 55 music teachers and 33 administrative staff, include music teaching for ESNCM students, outreach music teaching, preparing music curricula for schools, securing grants for promising student to pursue musical studies abroad and organizing music festivals, performances and workshops locally and internationally.


Benefiting from these activities are over 730 students of the four branches of the ESNCM in Ramallah, Bethlehem, Jerusalem and Nablus, in addition to about 220 students from the outreach program. The ESNCM has an extensive scholarship program to encourage talented students with limited financial capabilities to pursue their musical education, benefiting over 50% of the students.


Contact information:

Tel: +972 2-627-1711

The A.M. Qattan Foundation launched the Gaza Music School (GMS) project in July 2008, in response to growing demand for music education in the Gaza Strip.  GMS started as a three-year pilot project with co-funding partnership from Sida. It is the only venue of music teaching in the whole Strip offering first-ever structured and long-term music education program to musically talented children ages 7-16. About 120 students are currently enrolled in the school’s regular program, which offers lessons for seven instruments: oud, violin, piano, guitar, qanun, trumpet, and cello.                                                                             In January 2009, GMS was destroyed during the Israeli war on Gaza.  In recognition of the vitality of the GMS to the social, psychological, and artistic development of children, and against tremendous odds, the AMQF re-opened the School three months later in a new expanded space. After the agreement between the AMQF and Edward Said National Conservatory of Music (ESNCM), on the first of April, 2012 the school will be handed to the ESNCM and considered the fifth branch of the Conservatory in Palestine thus the ESCNM will be responsible for its financial, academic and administrative issues.