The Freedom Theatre


The Freedom Theatre is a community-based theatre and cultural centre in Jenin Refugee Camp. Strong in its conviction that the arts play a vital role in social change, The Freedom Theatre aims to empower the community members with a special focus on children, youth and women by engaging them in a variety of activities.


Since its establishment in 2006,  The Freedom Theatre has built up a unique programme in theatre and multimedia, including acting workshops, psychodrama activities, cinema screenings, photography, filmmaking and creative writing, in addition to a three-year professional Acting School.


The Freedom Theatre provides a safe space where children and youth can explore their creativity, exchange ideas and express their concerns through different art forms. The theatre’s activities target mainly children and young adults, with a special focus on females and refugees. The annual estimated beneficiaries are 10,120 Males and 15,120 Females (total 25,200).


Contact information:

Tel:+972 4 250 3345