The Magnificat Institute

The Magnificat Institute of Music in Jerusalem was established in 1995. It aims at being the center of excellence in the teaching and practice of music targeting children –mainly school age- and adults in Jerusalem and its surrounding suburbs. It serves the local and international community as well as individuals, regardless of their gender, race, language or religion.


In the accomplishment of its mission, the Magnificat Institute provides an academic, artistic and liturgical foundation for a career in musical professions. The Magnificat Institute offers a wide range of activities that aspire to increase students’ musical knowledge, to prepare them to pursue higher degrees and careers in music and to create a high-standard dynamic academic environment in music education. Among these activities are the theory and ear training, history of music, harmony and counterpoint, voice and instrument study programs, in addition to children choirs and orchestra.  


Contact Information:

Tel: +972 2 6266609

Fax: +972 2 6266701