Theatre Day Productions


Theatre Day Productions (TDP) has been working since its establishment in 1995 towards increasing access of drama, theatre and creative activities to children and youth in an attempt to create the foundation for peaceful development in Palestine.


This is done by working on different anchors; namely, Drama teaching and performance, artistic and institutional capacity building and lobbying formal education systems and youth organizations. TDP has built a theatre in Gaza and runs most of its programs from those headquarters. A new West Bank project has begun in 2012. TDP’s work spreads to include West Bank and Gaza areas, especially refugee camps.


TDP targets about 390,000 school children, teachers, parents, and youth, in addition to children and youth organizations with a wide range of programs including youth plays associated with audience drama workshops, drama workshops for teachers, 3-year drama curriculum teaching program, and the newly designed 3-year curriculum of video animation. TDP has 23 full-time employees, 24 project-based and 95 for 4 months April-July (Summer Games). 


Contact information:

Tel: +972 2-585-4513