Artistic Stations 2: Performing Arts is a Right and an Entitlement





Network Launching Event 







"Artistic Stations 1" in Tulkarem





Magnificat & Palestinian Performing Arts Network in Tulkarem





Promo to the film "Richard II" a Ashtar Theatre production





El-Funoun 2013 Performance 





ESNCM's Palestine Strings Performs in London with Nigel Kennedy





Summer 2012 at the Palestinian Circus School






The Edward Said National Coservatory of Music - Gaza Branch 




Short film about "Making Senses" Play 2013 by Al Harah Theatre 






Al Kamandjati - Students w/ guests 2012   





Hairdo - Theatre Day production




Yes-Theater in Hebron - Introduction




Suicide Note From Palestine - The Freedom Theatre 





Popular Art Center - Dance School 2011




 Al kamandjati - Shou Hal Iyam - Jenin Oriental Ensemble




 Al Kamandjati's Baroque Concert in Gaza