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Palestinian Institute for Cultural Development - NAWA

Palestinian Institute for Cultural Development - NAWA

A national nonprofit organization that was established in 2004 with the primary aim of preserving precious musical heritage in Palestine through its main program entitled “Huna al-Quds”. The program is based on researching, archiving, reproducing and disseminating the Palestinian musicians’ compositions who were part of the Arabic Musical Renaissance before 1948. NAWA published 4 audio albums until present that was performed by “Nawa Arabic Music Ensemble” through tens of live performances in Palestinian cities and abroad, such as Tunisia, Turkey, Bahrain and Turkmenistan. In Parallel NAWA implements several projects and activities that works towards achieving the main strategic objective of developing technical and intellectual sensibility among the Palestinian and Arab public, such as lectures, seminars and other specialized musical workshops.


Palestinian Institute for Cultural Development - Nawa

Ramallah - Palestine

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